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How to Submit an A+ Essay: Writing Tricks for Dummies

When you compose a paper, it is usually worth a high percentage of your grade. You will want to do the job properly with a large amount of ease. There are a few hidden tricks in order to do this. We want to share those with you.

Have a fresh topic

A fresh topic that is innovative, cutting-edge, and trendy can make everyone want to read the piece. You can look for a fresh topic by checking out social media and then also by reading online newspapers and media outlines. This innovative topic will also keep you interested as you research and then compose the piece. The only drawback to a new topic might be the lack of sources. So check the topic for credible sources before you select it.

Great Ideas

Proof it

Once you have finished the piece, you need to carefully proof and then edit it. A great paper with a lot of mistakes will not equal a great grade. After you proof the rough draft, you then have to make sure that you do not make new errors on your final draft. A little bit of proofing can go a very, very long way. If you are bad at doing this, then ask a friend to do it or hire a professional to do it for you. The cost to hire a professional to proof your paper is minimal, and you will be glad that you did it. You can find a professional by looking online.

Read the instructions

Many students are used to having directions spoon-fed to them. You are responsible for reading, understanding, and following the teacher direction. You are also responsible for asking questions when you do not understand the directions. Hen you have a three page paper due, and you turn in a two-page paper because you did not follow the directions, this is bad. Always carefully read and follow the teacher directions. Even if you require online math help, initial instructions will play a big role. This will make your job much easier and you can get an A+ essay.

Make a killer outline

The outline is the road map to success. A finely written and very detailed outline will make the author’s job much easier. If you take the time to do the hours of work in the prewriting stage, the writing stage will be easy. Additionally it will make for a good composition. There are two types of outlines. The sentence outlines allows for the writer to have as many sentences as he or she wants in it. The topic outline only allows for phrases of five words or less. In a topic outline, there are two times you can have sentences. You can write out your quotes and then you can have the thesis sentence. If you have never created an outline before, you can get a template from online or from a reputable educational or writing company.

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