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Picking up thought-provoking persuasive essay topics for college students

During your college career, you will be expected to write a variety of essays. Unlike high school, these assignments will require for you to provide intricate and in-depth information. Persuasive essays are papers that typically do not have a right or wrong answer. Your perspective, thoughts and opinions are things that you can state without feeling as if you are graded based on what you think.

There are thought-provoking topics that you can discuss during your persuasive essay. Whether you have expert knowledge about the topic or would like to learn about the topic, the approach that you take is all up to what you think.

The American political system then and now

In today’s society, we have watched our political system change in good and bad ways. Most recently within this presidential election season, many think that the voting process has been rigged. Many new young voters are misinformed when it comes to the political process and how it works overall in addition to a state-by-state basis. Express your thoughts on how you think the American political system has changed since inception up to right now.

Discuss the pros and cons of social media

Within the past decade alone we have all watched how social media platforms has changed the way we interact. While there are great pros such as staying in touch with friends/family, making new friends from around the world, and business purposes, there are also negative aspects as well. For example, some individuals post too much personal information that can ruin their real lives. Discuss what you think are pros and cons of social and explain why you believe in those statements.

Question the topic of gender equality

By far one of the hottest debates that many discuss on a daily basis is gender equality. What do you think about the movements/progress of gender equality? Do you think there are specific reasons as to why it may never happen? What are the good and bad sides that both genders play a role in hindering gender equality actually to exist?

In conclusion, these topics that we have shared with you are all open-ended topics that do not have one correct perspective. Within the paper, you should discuss your experience(s) with the respective topic and your thoughts accordingly. Articulate your thoughts and also question why others may think differently than you in a respective manner.