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Guide on how to come up with a strong thesis statement for an essay

Writing essays can be fun and many people share this joy. Understandably, not everyone is comfortable with writing, however, even they can often enjoy the amusements of a well written story. Authors have honed the literary skills for many generations, giving us what we have today, a well defined way of expressing one’s innermost thoughts, feelings and imaginations.

Despite being used widely for entertainment, essays can also serve an entirely different purpose, academic study. Many great minds produce essays to clarify a particular idea or concept to their readers and these papers can sometimes become very famous. Papers usually have a thesis statement and these can be very impacting when constructed right. Consider this simple guide to help you create a strong thesis statement for your essay:

  1. Consider interesting topics
  2. An interesting topic can make the world of difference in the popularity of your paper. Not only will it get your paper more attention, it can also make it easier for you to work on the project as well. Consider topics that are both interesting to you and potentially popular with your readers, its a good start.

  3. Pick one that society cares about
  4. Being interesting is not enough, by appealing to things that are important to society, you will create papers that have more than simple entertainment value. Consider topics that have the ability to contribute to improving society in some way.

  5. What are the mysteries surrounding this topic
  6. While it may be nice to believe in one’s ability to solve all problems, one paper can’t contain it all so you have to make a decision. By considering the various aspects of the topic and distinguishing them from each other, you will be able to pick a single aspect and focus on it. This will make for a much stronger paper.

  7. What do you think is the answer
  8. Now that you have a topic and a mystery to focus on, proceed to making guesses about the subject. Try to make predictions or give the subject conditions that must be true, given certain requirements. Of your guesses, select one that can be practically tested.

  9. Can your statement be tested.
  10. This is very important, it is pointless to create a statement that leads to experiments that we are simply unable to create. Make sure you propose ideas that can be tested given the resources and skills available.